Doula Services

Please Note: I will be on maternity leave for the birth and postpartum time of my own newest little one beginning in July 2021. I will be accepting birth clients with due times no earlier than February 2022. Please let me know if I can refer you to other local doulas I trust if you are due during the time I will be on leave.

Doula Services

Complete Birth Doula Services $750

Birth doula services are invaluable whether you are planning a birth at home or hospital, natural or medicated. As a doula I work with you to plan for and have the support needed for your birth. I do not provide medical advice or exams, nor do I make choices on your behalf. 

As a client you will receive:

• one obligation free interview

•two prenatal consultation meetings to discuss your pregnancy, birth plan, and learn how I can best support you for your birth

•24/7 on call availability for your birth from 37 weeks until birth of baby

•complete labor and birth support from the beginning of active labor until 1-2 hours after the baby is born including physical, emotional, informational, and spiritual support, aid in breastfeeding

•one postpartum follow-up meeting several days after the birth.

I have attended births at all of the greater Buffalo area hospitals and have experience with home birth, water birth, VBAC support, natural birth, and medicated birth.

Birth Plan Consultation $35 per hour

Are you confused about the many choices you face before, during, and after birth? Need help navigating all the information and options to give you and your baby the best start? During a birth plan consultation I can help you know what choices you have and give you the information you need to make the best choice for you and your baby in your unique circumstances.

Bereavement Doula Services (Cost Determined by Circumstances)

When the unthinkable happens, you and your baby still deserve to be treated with dignity, love, and the best possible care and support. During a miscarriage or stillbirth, a woman still has many options but is often too in shock to know or even ask what they might be. I can be with you to support you as you make decisions, as you go through the process of miscarriage or stillbirth, and present the options you may have afterwards.