Some of the experiences of my clients...

"After a rather traumatizing first birth experience, having Mary's compassionate and reassuring presence made a tremendous difference in our second time around. I was particularly glad for the way she advocated for me in the hospital & attended to my needs in thoughtful, intuitive ways during labor. She is discreet and her presence only added to the shared experience with my husband, who was also present and in no way felt like a third-wheel. He was most happy to have her shoulder to lean on as well when things got intense. Having a shared spiritual approach to the welcoming of new life added to the connection I felt with her while bringing my daughter into the world. In fact, it was such a positive experience overall that I seriously remarked to my husband while leaving the hospital.."I would definitely do that again!!"

"Mary was an amazing doula for me for the birth of my second baby at home. Her calm-in-control nature was exactly what I needed. She supported me so well, she stayed the whole time for my long birth...Mary was such a solid support to us. She was a gem, giving so much...Mary also grabbed my camera and got some of the absolute best, rawest shots of my sweet one arriving right in my living room! It was amazing. I now have a hearty, healthy two and half year old and should I do it all again, I would not hesitate to call Mary. She is a gem, a godsend, a light, a strength."

"Having Mary as our doula was the best decision we could have made for our baby and for us! The classes she gave before were very informative and helped us to prepare for the thousands of decisions you have to make for you and your baby while in the hospital. We felt very confident in our decisions when asked by the hospital staff. She was a very calming presence during labor and encouraging when I needed a boost! (She gave great back massages and pressure point relief during hard labor!) This was my first pregnancy and I was very scared of going into labor. Mary completely squashed that fear and made me feel strong, confident and ready! With her help, I was able to almost completely stay with my birth plan. I would recommend Mary to anyone and everyone who is looking for a doula!"

"Mary attended the births of both my third and fourth children. She was gentle and comforting, yet assertive to make sure my requests for the care of myself and my babies were being met. Her love and passion for the spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing of her clients was apparent at my prenatal visits, birth and our postpartum wrap up. I would highly recommend Better Than Eden birth services to anyone who wants to experience a truly holistic approach to childbirth!"

"While pregnant, I was able to text her questions, even the weird first time mom questions. She's available by text, email, or calling. We went over everything I expected/needed, my husband expected/needed, and all the options and services she could provide. We reviewed what I would need emotionally, physically, and mentally. When in labor, she knew how to read me...She was emotional support for my husband as much as me. I had a 32 hour labor, and she was there through it all. We'll be calling Mary when I'm pregnant again!"

"I feel very blessed and fortunate to have had Mary at my last two births. I felt very supported and empowered. She was just the right kind of support when I needed it and suggested just the right things that made sense. My husband also appreciated her presence because it didn't all fall on him and he could actually be more present to me as a husband."